Designs and Projects

This page lists a couple of the projects I have done:

IESModa's Intranet and Digital Library System

The Intranet was redesigned from scratch using standard-compliant XHTML/CSS, MySQL and PHP. The Intranet manages the main databases of the school, as it stores students' accounts, courses, grades, etc.

The Digital Library System has a storage server running on Ubuntu Server, a PHP/MySQL website interface, and 3 digitalisation stations. Once a book's pages are digitalised and processed for image correction these are placed on the server for consultation. The book's text is digitalised using Abbyy FineReader, and stored in MySQL for plain-text searches. The server uses a couple of protections for rights-management and connects with the Intranet server to verify student accesses.

Document available: Internship report [PDF, 44 pages, French]

DNA sequencer using parallel programming

This is a program written in C using MPI for super-computing purposes. It reads a DNA segment and parse it to isolate coding parts. The program use methods in order to minimise the use of memory, CPU cycles and network communications.

Document available: Project report [PDF, 14 pages, French]

Instant messaging Client/Server

An instant messaging client and server written in Java. The interface is made upon Swing and communications are done using object-serialisation.

RSA implementation in C

This project was made as a part of my cryptology courses. One program encrypts a file and pass the encrypted data to a second program for decryption. A third program tests the security level of the encryption by trying a brute-force decryption on the data. I also wrote a set of functions for manipulating large integers in C.

Multitask microkernel for the 68k

Design of a microkernel in 68k assembly language. The microkernel was designed using an emulator and is able to run several tasks/applications and balance load using a choice of algorithms.

Academic Personal Website [French]

My former website details a few others projects and has a small web portfolio, I last updated it in 2005.